Best LED Vs HID – Which Is Better?

As technology evolves so does its uses and one of the great inventions which has made life easier and more comfortable is lighting. In a very short period of time LEDs (light emitting diodes) have replaced incandescent bulbs because of their energy efficiency, brightness and lifespan.

LED bulbs produce a clear light spectrum, while HID (high intensity discharge) bulbs produce a warm white light.

Both the bulbs are very powerful, the major difference is that LEDs require less energy than HID bulbs. LED bulbs are cheaper than HID bulbs, but they are more expensive when compared to fluorescent bulbs.


There are many people who would have confusion regarding this topic. Some people would say that LED is the better choice and others would say that HID is the best choice. According to SuncentAuto, If you want to buy a replacement for the headlight of your vehicle(visit this link), then you should know that LED is the better choice.

Lighting quality

LED lighting is made up of semiconductor diode chips. While HID lamps contain filament. The filament is the part of the lamp that provides the light. The filament is enclosed in a vacuum glass bulb. The glass of the bulb is filled with inert gases which will produce heat. The filament will heat the gas up and then it will glow.

So, when you compare the LED and HID, LED will give you a good quality of light but in the price of LED, you will pay more.

Power consumption

LED bulbs consume much less power than HID bulbs. A bulb will last up to 50,000 hours while the HID lasts for approximately 15,000 hours. If you want to replace the headlight of your vehicle, then the replacement will cost you more if you have a HID bulb.

Which one is better?

Let’s compare and contrast the pros and cons of LEDs and HIDs and let’s find the answer to this question- “Which one is better?”

Pros of HIDs

  • HID bulbs consume more energy than LEDs, but they are also brighter and last longer than LEDs.
  • HIDs come in a variety of wattages, colors and price.
  • They are durable and heat resistant.

Cons of HIDs

  • Bulbs tend to burn out and it can cause fire hazards.
  • HIDs are more expensive than LEDs.
  • It can cost more to convert an existing fixture to HIDs.

Pros of LEDs

  • LEDs are safer than HIDs.
  • They can be used in a wider range of locations and lighting conditions.
  • LEDs produce a cleaner, purer light spectrum.

Cons of LEDs

  • LEDs can be expensive.
  • They can be difficult to install.


After reading this article you will have understood the pros and cons of both the lights and will also know that LEDs are a great solution if you want to replace your current light sources. So, before replacing the existing bulbs and light fixtures, make sure that you calculate the electricity and cost involved and then opt for the best one.

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