Four Dead Celebrities to Explore on Your Next Holiday

There are some superstars that have made people happy over the years, of course, but there are a few who have managed to change our lives in the process. These days, some tourists forego the traditional summer vacation to the beach in order to find out more about their heroes and heroines. This year, if you’re in the mood for a voyage of discovery, you can join the growing band of men and women who pay homage to their favorite dead celebrities. Learn more about the travel destinations that you can consider if you want to enjoy your adventurous journey, on this website:

Here are four superstars who are worthy of further exploration.

James Dean

In the 1950s, James Byron Dean took the film world by storm, and even though he only made three credited movies he was a huge star. He died in a car crash in 1955 aged just 24, and he’s still commemorated by a sizable number of fans, most of whom weren’t even born when his fame was at its height. His grave is visited by fans from the world over, making his home town of Fairmount, Indiana something of a tourist attraction. At Cholane, California, close to the site of the accident in which he died, there is an impressive stainless steel memorial.

Elvis Presley

Perhaps the most famous star of the rock and roll era, Elvis Aaron Presley died in 1977 at the age of 42, at his beloved home Graceland, which is located in the Whitehaven district of Memphis, Tennessee. These days, this large and hugely impressive mansion is a much-loved tourist attraction and a fitting shrine to the singer’s memory. Among the many features at the home you’ll find his personal Lockheed plane. A number of cars and, of course, some of his familiar Las Vegas jumpsuits. To learn more about the impressive mansion of Elvis Aaron Presley visit this website:

John Lennon

For many music fans, John Lennon was the most important figure in the history of rock and roll, and his untimely death in 1980 has made his legendary status even more iconic. He was brought up in Woolton, Liverpool, in a house that is now a popular tourist attraction. Organised trips around the city’s Beatles-related sites are a must for any devotees. Lennon was murdered in New York outside his home, the Dakota Building. There is no memorial on the actual spot, but across the road in Central Park there is a moving area known as Strawberry Fields that is dedicated to the memory of this great man.

Marilyn Monroe

Thanks to her enduring beauty and her iconic movies, the legend of Marilyn Monroe will surely never fade. These days, devotees of the star, who died aged just 36 in 1962, can see her grave at the Westwood Ceremony in Los Angeles, her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the famous Forever Marilyn statue in Palm Springs. This popular landmark recreates the famous scene in The Seven Year Itch, in which her white dress is blown upwards by the subway air duct. If you have time to hire a car in Los Angeles, there are several Monroe-related sites which are worthy of a visit.

Sam Wilkes is from the UK and is a big fan of John Lennon.

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